One fun element I like to bring to my consulting is driving home truthful business ideas that are outside of the real estate industry where most of my clients make their money. When all we do is look at what one another is doing, our marketing and practices can get very circular with everyone doing the same thing.

Business basics make for a firm foundation and many entrepreneurs excel at one or two functions but forget about the rest. Here are five awesome keys to what I believe make a well-rounded business practice – see what elements you may be missing or forgetting to put some of your focus on.

They are extracted from Smith Driver Training and while you may learn something of value about becoming a better driver, think about how these truths can make a better business for you!

The Five Keys

1. Aim High in Steering: Avoid Collisions by seeing, evaluating, and acting upon all information available.

What is happening in your business in the immediate future? How does your sales funnel look? While you are busy with your clients and staff at the moment, what are you doing to prepare for a solid year ahead?

The only way to maintain a continual & stable income is by taking time to work ON the business, not just IN your business. By looking ahead, seeing potential challenges & opportunities your aim will reach towards your goal – and then you can go for it!

2. Get the Big Picture: Fewer mistakes are made when you have the complete traffic picture.

What is the current picture of your industry as a whole? Do you keep abreast of the current stats, what changes are Canada wide, what is going on nationwide? What is the big picture for your industry and what will that mean for your clients? When you make the effort to absorb the news releases and reports then you are then able to educate others with information that will help them make wise choices – which will reflect well on YOU.

3. Keep Your Eyes Moving: Proper scanning techniques separate safe drivers from people who make costly errors.

Once you have a client don’t adopt a ‘love em and leave em mentality! Make sure every step of your business practice is overseen by you and managed expertly. Do the lawyers have their documents, are you staying on an ideal timeline, did the money get transferred on time…. etc. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel just because a client signed at the dotted line, the best way you can get referrals is by treating  your current clients with  ultimate care and reliable service!

4. Leave Yourself an Out: All that separates drivers from a collision is space. Use it to your advantage.

If you are in business long enough you will eventually run into a customer that you don’t jive with. You won’t see eye to eye, they will be too high maintenance for your liking, too wishy-washy to make a decision…..whatever you find hard to work with. There ARE cases when, in my opinion, it will be better for you to refer a client out to a colleague rather than risk a bad outcome on a deal. Poor reviews are shared 5x more than good reviews – you don’t want to risk that!

If you have a gut reaction that isn’t good pass on the immediate battle in an effort to win the war.

5. Make Sure They See You: Seek eye contact and use your warning devices at the same time.

There are a number of ways that you can let other drivers see you when you are on the road, your lights, your horn, your signals. How do you let your clients know where you are? There is more than one way out there, make sure you are diversified!

Print ads from community publications to industry magazines, press releases, news stories featuring your business are just a few ideas, then there is social media of all kinds – virtually free! Having a good website is imperative. Flyers with coupons, emails to past clients etc, etc… how many ways do you reach out and let the world know ‘I am here to help you!’

These 5 keys put together will keep your business steadily growing and gaining a positive reputation. Pick one that you think needs some work  and take a few days to pay some attention to it!

Hope this helps give you some ideas to grow a solid foundation for your successful business!

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