Action trumps fear

This is a condensed version of my four step plan to get you to where you want to go! I help real estate agents through this every day, I speak to audiences on this every month, and I will assure you that through these targeted efforts, you will begin to reach your own Maximized Results!

#1 Assess where you are at

If you were on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, and you stood before them pitching your business, what would you be able to say?

Remember, these aren’t your friends or your family, who support and encourage you, these are business investors who want to see where the rubber meets the road and if you are succeeding or not. If you assessed your business from 30,000 feet, would you feel confident in your growth and financial success?

You need to review your systems from the outside looking in!

Take out a piece of paper and give yourself an honest gap analysis, where are the gaps in your business? What level have you made it to in real life, not the life you fabricate on social media, the real one you live every day and pay your bills out of?

Face where you are when you look in the mirror and assess your business.

#2 Give your head a shake

Once you have an honest assessment, confess to yourself how you have dropped the ball, admit that you haven’t taken action when you could have, be responsible for where you have brought your business thus far.

Are you going to allow the business to stay here? Now that you know, now that you have been brave enough to face your facts, what are you prepared to do?

Pull your head out, square your shoulders and determine to make the changes you KNOW need to be done.  If you honestly don’t know what to do, or the next step to take, then vow to get the help you need!

Hire a business coach, meet with a colleague, read a book, do some research on the internet, etc!

All the answers are available for you, you can do it!

#3 You CAN do it

If anyone else has ever reached the goal that you are trying to reach, then there IS hope for you!
In fact, I know some stories of extraordinary people who have accomplished the IMPOSSIBLE when their dream has been strong enough!

Napoleon  Bonaparte – The St. Bernard pass in the Austrian Alps was reputed to be unnavigable during spring when snow and ice were at their worst. But Napoleon’s strategy in the 1800’s to defeat the Austrian stronghold was to surprise them by arriving through the mountains. He believed that his army could pass over, and indeed they did!

Henry Ford – When Mr.Ford created the V8 engine he fought against engineers and experts who told him that his idea was impossible. He believed and was compelled to make all 8 cylinders cast in one block even though no one else knew how. With his vision and persistence it became a reality.

Four Minute Mile – No one had ever been recorded being able to run a mile in under four minutes, but one young medical student thought that it was possible. Onlookers wondered aloud if he might die, but Robert Bannister not only broke the 4 minute barrier in 1954 but since then many have accomplished what was once believed to be impossible!

If they can do it, then surely you can do something as ordinary as making a successful business. Tonnes of regular Joes have done this before you!

Pump up your ‘sales esteem’ and let your dream come out!

#4 Take Action

What do you need to do?

What roadblock do you need to make into a stepping stone so that you can get to your results?

Do you need better connections? Who would they be, where are they, who do you already know that could connect you already if you just asked?

Do it!

Do you need more time because you are working as an employee and now you are trying to start your own business on the side?

It is true that if you just raised yourself up out of bed 30 minutes earlier during the work week you would create 10 extra hours of valuable time each and every month!

When you are planning out your schedule for the day if you would stop wasting time on social media, video games, day dreaming and procrastinating that could create at least two more targeted hours per day to get practical things done! If you did that during the work week that is another 20 days per year!

If, instead of winding down after dinner and tuning out to the TV until bed time, you just took one hour after the quality time of visiting with your loved ones and used it for some targeted business efforts, one extra hour, 5 nights per week would be 240 extra hours annually (20 extra hours every month)!
Create more time for yourself if that is what you need.

Do you need more money? Search yourself and you WILL come up with the right ideas for now.

I remember Christmas one year. I had finally gotten a job and it was taking so long to get back on my feet again, and then I looked at my calendar and was so distressed to see Christmas was coming up soon!  Listen, I have never been one for giving extravagant gifts over the holidays, but with four teens, even an extra $400 would break my bank. I searched and searched and thought some more… I decided that I would apply for a second job at Chapters since I liked books.  That year guess what they all got for presents? Books half price with my employee discount, LOL. But I put my ideas into action at the time and got just enough extra income to give over the holidays and enjoy a turkey dinner.

Yes, the retail job sucks, you know it! But if you will decide in your mind what your goal is then you will do what must be done and you will come up with the right ideas for you!

“You can’t steer a parked car” as the saying goes.

I believe that our action, our ability to choose to move forward creates with it a whole host of activity which we don’t understand and may even know nothing about. The inertia causes a ripple effect that is undeniable. Action trumps fear.

Believe it.

Do it.

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