What do you wan to have accomplished by the end of this year?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to write out your goal numbers for this year. How many deals, how much money? Write it down.

Then follow up with the daily habits that will get you there!
This photo above is the newest copy of the growing Tanya Eklund group, with Re/max Central. They don’t use some stagnant picture from ten years ago (oh, how many poor and unappealing photos I have seen!) Every year this team changes, grows,  improves and this is one way they keep things fresh!  They sat down at the beginning of the year and went over their vision for the future by brainstorming new ways to care for clients, finding strategies to step out in their individual strengths and also by acknowledging the gaps. In the spirit of Kaizen, they committed to improving even the little things. (Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement, it is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy.)

Goal setting can also include creating a Vision Board, or visual example, of the things you want to attract to yourself and your business. Since our lives are multi-layered, taking a holistic approach can be beneficial to our overall success. I recently hosted a Women’s Workshop where everyone created a vision board that would help them to reach their goals for this year!
When we see our dreams in pictures before us, it can truly help us ‘feel’ like we have them and thus we can attain them with ease. It works!

I would encourage you to write out your goals for this year-end, make a vision board with pictures of what you want to attract to yourself, and implement daily habits to reach those goals. This is what the Top Producers do as a matter of habit – make it your habit too.
And if you ever need me, I am here to help!

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