My mini-van smelled like stale beer and sticky pop as I drove a few bags of empty bottles to the recycling depot to try to get some money. The depot was in the middle of the city on a busy street and as I pulled in to park I saw myself reflected in the homeless who were hanging around there and it hit me like a sloppy slap in the face – ENOUGH! I couldn’t live like this anymore!

I was at the bottle depot because it was my son’s twelfth birthday and I had no money for a party. He was number three out of my four children and his birthday unfortunately came up right in the middle of my losing streak.
I felt like a failure as a parent with no hope for a trip to Chucky Cheese’s with a group of his young friends. The last birthday party I threw- before my divorce and bankruptcy – was me hiring a Limo to surprise my youngest daughter and all her friends for a trip around the City – all the bells and whistles – but this year was going to be different, against my will.
I had asked my son what kind of food he would like for his birthday, appealing to the stomach of a tween, and he told me Chinese Food.
“oh great’ I thought, “the one food I can’t really cook myself”
Why couldn’t he have said Italian?! Pasta I could cook for pennies!
I was determined that if I couldn’t offer him a party or present, then at least he could have the food he asked for. That’s when I went to my neighbors and actually humbled myself enough to ask if they had any bottles they didn’t need.
I ended up with two bags of stinky cans and just enough money for an order of ginger beef and one order of noodles. At home I cooked up a big pot of rice.

That was as good as it got that year.

Have you ever been at a place in your life where you just throw up your arms and shout out – ENOUGH!
Whether you have been there for a while, or just hit a wall recently, I have been there my friend and I believe I can offer you what I needed myself at the time – HOPE.
No matter if things are all good or all bad, they never stay the same, so know that the tides WILL turn, and in the meantime, maybe I can help you kick the tide and get the results that you need right now.

It is time to Think Like a Solopreneur and Act Like a Boss.
Reach out if I can help you run your business like a Boss!

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