I was helping a Real Estate Agent who needed more business.
She needed to put together a deal!
Most of you know all about the feast or famine cycle of the solopreneurial lifestyle and she was losing weight without exercising – if you know what I mean.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I assigned an experiment to her and here is what happened.
I knew she was showing a handful of buyers already, and I knew she was in touch via searches and occasional emails. Her systems were pretty good (helped last year on those;) and there was nothing I could see that was getting in her way.
Sometimes you just need a DEAL!
So here is what I suggested:


  • When you wake up, are in the shower, or sometime in the morning, visualize yourself writing up a contract for a new client.
  • Feel the offer getting accepted and you are happy for your clients.
  • Write in your office on a board or note paper “ONE NEW DEAL DONE!”
  • Call two leads before lunch.

She did this every day.
On day 7, she had clients interested in writing an offer.
On day 8 they started negotiating on a house. It was a challenge. While their offer was on the table another Agent said he had clients who would also be writing.
On day 9 the other potential buyers changed their mind and didn’t want to get into competing offers.
On day 10 she helped her buyers budge the offer back and forth until there was a mutual agreement on final price and conditions!
Ten days to a deal!

If it worked for her, I might suggest that this could work for you too. Feel free to try it and tell me what comes of it! How many days does it take for you?
This is an experiment worth trying.

Go do a better business! If you need me, I am here to help.

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