Using Social Media Strategically

Recently I took course on Social Media: Wow!

So much changes everyday. If you are like many of my clients, you are likely struggling to keep up and may even feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to knowing what to post, when to post, and to where. Well, here I have broken it down for you to the best of my ability. If you would just spend this week strategically managing your social media, your business would thank you for it!

Here we go!

FACEBOOK is like having people over to a backyard BBQ, it is more personal and fun.
So, even your Facebook business page can include personal posts and fun. Make them engaging and post every single day – even twice or three times is acceptable.
The lines are very blurred on Facebook between business pages and your personal page. When you are a solopreneur feel free to use both pages for business and connect with your audience by liking and commenting on their posts. In fact, if you notice someone is sick, just had a baby, got a new job, feel free to actually reach out personally and touch base.

Things to post on Facebook:

  • Interesting/important local city news
  • News-worthy real estate news
  • Top Tips for something
  • Memes
  • VIDEOS of yourself and others
  • Quotes
  • Success stories
  • Your Blogs
  • Favorites (bakeries, restaurants, events etc)

LINKEDIN is like the local office space, much more business related and people don’t like it being treated like FB. On LinkedIn it’s very important to have the best personal descriptions in your profile because when potential clients Google you, your LinkedIn profile shows up, and it is respected this like a third party endorsement.

On LinkedIn you should always include calls to action – what do you want them to do next. ie: if you post a blog about selling your home then add a call to action such as –  “when you think of selling your home, reach out to me and I will make sure you get the full service talked about in this article. You can find me at ….”

Make sure you fill in all your contact details!

Fill out your Summary with your Bio and ensure the first 2 lines are the best as your condensed Bio is all people see initially.
Add a background photo otherwise it defaults to the generic blue thing and people think you don’t know how to use technology.
Don’t bother with a Business page on LinkedIn.

Post on LinkedIn once or twice a day:

  • Very relevant news articles
  • Videos
  • Write Publications (use your Blogs)
  • Post 75% Business / 25% personal
  • Definitely connect with your community as much as possible

TWITTER, the news feed for Millennials, it’s quick!

If you choose to use this it can be a great tool for events but moves so fast posts can tend to get lost in the mix unless you #hashtag well – if you don’t know what that is call me!

INSTAGRAM seems to be taking off locally. Business and personal are both accepted. Totally visual. Post lots of video on this one. On Instagram you sort of become a character. Be strategic to build your brand, especially when the business is YOU. What are your colors, what is your expertise? Who are your clients…. think about it. Post it. #Hashtag it!

When connecting, remember social media needs to be focused on getting clients and increasing your sphere – not your industry comrades.

You can post a couple times a day on this one.

That is enough for one blog! We didn’t even get to YouTube!

BTW, if you would like a review of your current online presence I offer a one time assessment and report for $99.00, let me know if you need my help!
*hey! Connect with me on social media if you haven’t already 😉

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