THE LITTLE RED STICK – What Gets Measured Gets Done!

It has finally been accomplished. A comprehensive, how-to for Solopreneurs! Whether you are a real estate agent, mortgage broker, photographer, massage therapist, freelance journalist etc, when the BUSINESS is YOU, this book will tell you what you need to know!

After working hands on, behind the curtains of millionaire real estate offices at a variety of different brokerages, Sue Styles is sharing the secrets of how you can use the same best practices and daily habits that the highest producers have used to build and grow their own businesses.


As Styles often says, “Your daily habits determine your yearly results”, so getting those daily habits and practices right is key to growing your business past any ceiling cap.

In this book the five best practices are revealed in detail; enough detail and description for anyone to easily follow the steps to mastery.

Whether you are a solo agent or working at building a team, the simple concepts in this book will enlighten you, bring clarity and focus to your business and ultimate success to your career as a solopreneur!


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