“I’m Cheap and Lazy, do you have a program for me?”

Hey, I’m cheap and lazy at the core too, but when a recent client asked me this question I was stopped in my tracks and then burst out laughing! Of course, wouldn’t we all love success to be EASY? But the only place success comes before work – is in the dictionary.

Let me be straight with you from what I have experienced. To yield more than 25 deals a year, to stay in this industry for more than five years, to be able to pay your bills, feed your family and hire an accountant, it takes 24/7 effort and you DO need a budget.

I think that new agents feel that since they are working for themselves they will just figure everything out. They don’t need a $2500 website, they can use their brokerage template, or they can bypass a proper database program (your CRM) and track their clients on an excel spreadsheet.

The mis-conceptions go on and on, until REALTOR® Joe runs out of capital and tenacity and packs it up in a couple of years, which is what 87% of real estate agents in North America do.

But I am here to change that. I get you, you lazy and cheap solopreneur – because I am one myself and I have also spent more than a decade behind the curtains of million-dollar agents and I can reveal to you what you need to do in this business that they didn’t teach you in the licensing course.

Everything that I walk agents through is to help them do their business with more ease, more competency and less money.

Starting with the cost of my coaching which is less than most others.

Then, there are providers I can refer who offer the best rates in the west.

Also, the systems with my checklists and templates will allow you to process your deals like you are taking a walk in the park! Easy peasy.

I want you to spend less time on paperwork and administrative tasks and much more time on meeting clients and closing deals – and when you are doing the kind of work you LOVE, then it isn’t hard is it?

So, I actually do have a program for you if you’re cheap and lazy. It won’t cost much, you will work at office tasks less and then you can do more business. Sound good? Then let’s get to work – over a nice relaxing coffee (but none of that cheap crap, I want Starbucks) LOL

If you need me, I am here to help!


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