Lately I have met a number of new agents who, after yet another dip in the Oil and Gas industry, decided to get out and try something new. They love real estate, see it as a better opportunity and hope that it will offer a lucrative career.

They use their severance pay for the licensing course, study hard, pick a brokerage and then realize they haven’t got the first clue about running the business.

(Those of you who have been agents for a while are nodding your heads ‘exactly’, lol)

I was reading an old classic book by Og Mandino this week. He says (my interpretation)  when we think the grass is greener on the other side, we often end up losing our shirt in the trade off!

This business of real estate is the same as any other pursuit! If you want to make it to high levels of achievement then there is no way around sweat equity.

The stellar agents I have been lucky enough to work with, Sano Stante, Donna Rooney, David Pellettier, Tanya Eklund etc. did not arrive at their fortunes by chance. They took a step towards their goals everyday. They learned from their mistakes. They put in hour after hour of sales calls, marketing, networking and more!

Then, after years of trial and error, feast and famine, they hit their own unique ‘groove’ and gained their traction which builds the inertia of business. This comes after 5,10, 15 years in the industry!

I challenge you to find any agent, who after only 2 or 3 years is doing more than 15 -20 deals a year. It takes TIME! It takes CLARITY, and DEPTH of expertise which must be absorbed. Then it takes EXECUTION of all that you know.

Then one day, you realize that you have made it! You are at the top of the mountain. You are #1 in your brokerage, you get recognized for a ROAR award, your industry peers reach out to you for advice and your network recommends your service to their friends.

There is no ‘lead generating system’ that can possibly put into your pockets what good, old -fashioned hard work can.

If you left another industry and are now struggling in this one, let me encourage you to dig in your heels rather than looking for ease of opportunity somewhere else!

There is a way, there are many things you can do to realize your success right where you are – if you put out the effort and put in the time.

And if you need me, I am always here to help ~

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