2018 is at the doorstep and you have the opportunity to be pro-active and tell the year what you expect to get out of it!

I know that being a solopreneur can be hauntingly lonely and reactive, but I challenge you to take the reigns and imagine what COULD be! This practice of “Business Planning”, which is second nature to most entrepreneurs, often gets put on the back burner in the real estate industry. I know that when I teach new agents at our local Calgary Real Estate Board, a show of hands proves that writing out a plan is low priority if not completely forgotten (or not bothered with).

It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be fifty pages long. All you need is to take an evening, pour your favorite beverage and gaze into the fireplace imagining your year ahead. It is YOUR business, so you get to decide on what is important for your plan.

Here are some super simple guidelines to help:

Get Super Clear: Outline what you want to accomplish and how you want to do it.

Get Organized: If you are not already systematic with your business, then consider what you can do to create a sensible and orderly environment. Also ask yourself how you can improve the process for your clients as they work with you.

Take Action: Tony Robbins tells us that the biggest hold-up for most of our actions is not being CLEAR. You must decide how you are going to market to your community, your sphere, and what each action is going to consist of etc…. If I know I am going to have roasted chicken for dinner, then I think about having to cook it for two hours and realize I must take it out of the freezer by 9am. Once I decide what I am having for dinner, all I have to do is outline the steps and execute. Simple.

There are many templates and ideas for business plans online, but I have eight questions I like to use for REALTORS® – if you would like them, just click below, and I will send them to you right away.

8 Essential Questions for Successful Business Planning

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