It begins with BRAND

This is Video #1 in this 5-part mini-series! I am going over the 5 key areas that REALTORS need to dominate if they want to succeed in their solopreneurial business.

BRAND: If you don’t know what it is, how will anyone else?

Here is a simple exercise you can do to begin creating your brand visually and with words.

1. Choose 3-5 words that represent how you solve your client’s pain, how you take care of them, what kind of personality suits you best, maybe look over your values.

2.  Then think about any success stories your clients have had with your help, think about any stories that inspired you to become a solopreneur, think of any lessons you could share in a quick paragraph or two.

3. Start ‘Googling’ your words and see what photos come up, what Ted Talks, what memes etc… and save the ones that resonate into a folder for your marketing.

I know that this is harder than it seems!

You may also find it useful to look at your competition’s online presence and website – to differentiate yourself. Even search some providers in different cities! There is lots of research you can do to come up with a strong and clear brand.

It is imperative.

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