for REALTORS(R)- Turning Leads into Sellers!

This is Video #3 for REALTORS(R) – Turn Leads into Sellers!

Stop “Pitch-slapping” your potential clients! The number 1 thing people want is to be LISTENED to; not sold to. Stop focusing on how great you are, how special your brokerage is or what your sales to listings ratio is… blah blah blah…. start ASKING questions to get to know the needs of your Sellers! Then you can address their thoughts and questions. When you pay attention to your clients, they feel respected and will become better referrers.

Once you sign the contract and you have connected with your clients, then follow a precise Checklist so that nothing is neglected and you are able to exceed their expectations! If you don’t have your own Checklist that you love, email me and I will happily share mine!

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