When it comes to getting and keeping your important clients, don’t leave it up to chance!
If you want to know what it takes to make it, then listen to what your clients are saying.

I surveyed 89 home sellers/buyers over one year, and here are their condensed answers to these 5 important questions – maybe there is something you will be able to use to help in your business!
[Condensed answers]

1. If you previously worked with a Real Estate Agent, would you automatically hire them again when it comes time to sell or buy? Why?

If they did a good job and stayed in touch so they could remember them, yes!
If they showed compassion, patience & understanding especially regarding children or aging parents, even extended families then, yes!
If someone like a close family member became a Realtor they would feel obligated to work with them…
If they hadn’t stayed in relationship and someone new became better known, or a good friend highly recommended someone then the door would be open for a new rep.
If they were moving to a different community and felt their previous agent was not an area specialist, they may look for someone who was.

2. If you don’t know a REALTOR® , what would be your top considerations for making a decision to pick up the phone and call when you were looking for help.
Knowing new rules (people generally feel like things have probably changed since they bought or sold before).
Having a proven track record and qualifications.
If they have been recommended by a friend or someone they respect on social media recommends them.
If there are lots of positive comments on their social media or website.
If they specialize in my area.

3. When meeting an Agent, what would impress you if they did it? What would take them off your list- not impressed?
IMPRESS: Take time to LISTEN and ask questions.
If you are willing to work for me and try harder, even a new agent could have a shot.
If they seemed like a go-getter and gave honest recommendations to get my house sold (even if it was hard to hear).
If they have a good track record.
Good personality fit. Good reputation.
If they ask questions and listen to become clear on our ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ list. Even impress us with ideas we haven’t thought of.
Turn off their phone and give 100% attention to us.

Saying you sold 12 billion$ would not impress
Feature dumping ‘how great you are, how popular you are, how beautiful you are, how your brokerage is number 1 etc…’
Interrupting and taking over the conversation
Too pushy
Poor appearance (if you are successful you should look like it)
Being interrupted by the agent’s phone
Mis-inform or give the wrong facts

4. Would you look up your potential agent online? Website, Social Media?
90% of people said they would and do! They look up your photos, your reviews and notice what is posted on your social media.
10% just want to meet you face to face and decide if you are the right agent in person. Then they will go online afterwards to see if what is out there supports what you just told them.
However, close to 50% of respondents also noted that if the agent came highly recommended by a close friend, that their recommendation would trump what they saw online if it was poor (isn’t that interesting that they already assume most agents have a poor online presence?).

5. What do you feel the benefit of working with a Realtor is? 
Able to narrow down good matches (for Buyers) and show houses/ areas not previously thought of.
They have an ‘inside network’ to create interest for their Listings
Knowledge of the real estate business and laws. Marketing ability and reach. Decision support when it comes time to make our choices and negotiating savvy to get us the best deal.
Navigating the process that most ‘regular people’ do not know about. The ins and outs, crossing the ts and dotting their i’s  – attention to the details that could save money.
Saving us time.
Protecting us from accepting a bad deal or purchasing a lemon of a home.

Bonus** There were also plenty of comments about mail outs, ads and e-newsletters. The comments boiled down to:
If they liked their agent, they didn’t mind them keeping in touch in any capacity but for the most part didn’t highly regard most of the generic marketing (if it was personal and valuable then they appreciated it).
If they didn’t like the agent then they really got irritated by the reminders.

All the more reason to put into your Closing process a feedback call and regular touch points!

Use this inside info to create a stellar strategy for your business! And if you need help, I am here 😊

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