I asked Azim Jessa, successful real estate agent who services Las Vegas “What are some of the best things you and your team do to get leads?”

Azim grew up in B.C. in the lower mainland and is now a transplant himself in Las Vegas, so I sat down with him on the famous Las Vegas strip to see if he had some wisdom I could pass along to my network – who may be experiencing a more challenging market than Nevada right now which is exploding with growth!

After the tough economic decline of 2007-2009 residents are seeing things pick up nicely with the work of their State Govenor attracting some big companies such as Switch, Tesla and Amazon to the state.

House prices have nearly doubled in the last decade – don’t you wish you bought a property when they were giving them away years ago?? I know some of you were smart enough and did!

So, back to my main question. What is working well in Vegas; besides the active economy? What worked when things were bad?

The first thing Azim made a point of was that they do not buy leads. Their business model is total RELATIONSHIP based. Zillow is a huge lead generator in the USA, but with that comes a cost and no guarantees. Azim knows that actions that build relationships result in much better odds and long term success.

The top six business building things they do:

  1. They share their love of their city! Azim beamed when he boasted about Las Vegas being one of the few places in the world where there are no natural disasters! No Tsunami’s, wind chill factors, snow days, earthquakes…. No volcanoes other than at the Mirage!

(Honestly, he got ME so excited about Vegas I am going to be calling him up to send us some properties. Because of his enthusiasm Vegas is now included in my options for retirement! lol)

  1. They use their talents to their fullest! They know what each person’s strengths are on the team and they compliment one another. Azim is naturally extroverted, his wife Sara (also and agent) loves to speak to groups about real estate, and each team member has spent time clarifying their brand, their vision, their business mission statements. They take their businesses seriously and they accept their own unique gifts and talents as their ‘unique selling propositions’.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  1. They have become ‘The One’. They are active in their communities and so whenever someone needs an agent, everyone refers to the Jessa Group! (http://jessagroup.com/about/)  They enjoy their church community. Azim & Sara have two children and are involved in their school and sports activities. They get to know the people who are involved just like them and it pays off because they are ‘the one’ their network wants to talk to when it comes to needing a reliable agent.

You will notice in their ‘About’ info that their mission includes “Fanatical Client Care”! Now, that is radical relationship building!

  1. Earn between transactions! Deals done at the moment are great, but let’s be honest, people don’t usually buy again for several YEARS! These agents go to work staying in relationship in between their clients purchases. There is a precise plan on the checklist that includes purposeful conversations, asking for referrals, immediately rewarding those referrals (they get a beautiful batch of brownies ‘brownie points’ with any referral), and then they treat referrals just like their friends and family.

Being conscious about the opportunity for helping each one of their past client’s sphere has been a key to their consistent growth. It hasn’t been a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, it has been a well thought out plan with rewards that compound over time!

  1. Masters of their CRM (Database)! They have one and they know how to use it!

Every client is managed with care. Every new lead is connected with and followed up with regularly. They are not fans of drip campaigns, but rather customize their mass emails with value. Azim uses the Buffini CRM, but admits that most real estate CRM’s will create the kind of loyalty and business they are enjoying if agents will take the time to learn what to do with their people and be consistent.

I agree.

  1. Marketing that makes the client the HERO. In their marketing, they are focused on sharing their CLIENTS success stories. They know that over time, realtors have gotten a bad rap for being like schmoozy car sales people, so they really try to keep the ego in check and out of the lime light. They are also involved in charity work and let their lives and reputations speak for them. When they share real estate PR, they pay attention to the homes, buyers, neighborhoods … but they leave their own capes out of pictures.

BONUS – What about getting new clients? At this stage of their 9 year career, Azim and Sara are busy with referrals and past clients but as they mentor their newer agents they have lots of solid advice. If you are new or looking for new clients:

  • Ask a busy agent for any new leads they might not have time for! That is a win/win because you both get paid 😊
  • Schedule Open Houses and get to know people looking at houses. Many experienced agents can give great advice about what to do at your Open House to make it appealing and set yourself up for success. (If you would like a great Open House Checklist email me and I will send you mine!)
  • Target your ‘Communities’ and get to know the others. Dale Carnegie wrote an amazing book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” This is what Azim has been doing since he was an employee at The Gap! Honing his relationship building skills!
  • And as we talked, he reiterated how important it is to understand that real estate is a long-term game, that gets better over TIME. You must plant your seeds every day if you want to target and harvest.

As I always say, Your daily habits will determine your yearly results, well, Azim and his team at The Jessa Group have become pro’s at their daily habits and as a result they have been recognized in their brokerage as the #1 team for transaction volume.

And this is how you do it!!

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