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“Sue is so easy to talk to and says it how it is. She doesn’t beat around the bush or talk in circles. She is so full of information and knowledge I could talk to her day in and day out and still learn something every minute for months on end I’m sure! She teaches you things that light a fire under you and get you so motivated! If you need advise on what to do or not do, how to’s..she’s your gal! Cant wait to read the book!”

Emmeline Noblet


Maximum Benefits from Targeted Efforts

“I help REALTORS® achieve better results by using proper systems, clarifying goals and designing a plan to execute!”


I don’t think that it’s fair that there is an 87% failure rate* in the real estate industry. You pay for the licensing course, pick a brokerage and then wonder how you are going to build your business. How will you get clients when you are new? How will you keep your clients over the years? How should you manage your transactions during your deals? How can you implement systems and processes to help you stay organized?

Since 2004 I have been hands on in the real estate industry.

I have worked with real estate offices producing individual commissions of more than 2 million dollars – if you want to know how to achieve that, I can help.

From working as an administrative assistant, to teaching at our local Board, then managing the training at a brokerage, to currently coaching agents, instructing at Boards and brokerages and speaking at national conferences, I can help agents at a personal and customized level. I get into your business and make sure you get what you need out of it!

It’s not rocket science, but it does depend on your business model, the systems you put in place, your inertia and how you make the most of your authentic brand.

I am a:

  • Conference Speaker
  • Certified Adult Educator & Business Coach
  • Freelance Journalist and Blogger
  • Author

I understand the gap that is hindering the real estate agent’s business. When I took the licensing course myself, I saw first hand the disconnect between the education offered and actually running a successful real estate business. At each pivotal stage an agent needs targeted information, so they can move forward towards their goal.

Whether you are:

  •  a brand new agent,
  •  just beginning to realize you need to hire help, or
  • number one in your brokerage and looking for an objective assessment to base improvement on –

I have been there and helped others just like you.


Sue and her husband have seven children between them and a rescue dog from Mexico! When working she prefers her slippers and when relaxing she prefers red wine.


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