Sue offers current industry know-how with an insider’s edge. With over 10 years in high producing real estate offices as a business consultant and business administrator, Sue knows the action steps that bring results to a real estate professional’s business.

Sue is not afraid to challenge the status-quo when it comes to giving entrepreneurs a kick in the pants to get them motivated!  With intense energy and insight, Sue knows how to give Agents their own maximum benefits from targeted efforts. Let her point the way and attendees will create their personalized road map to get them out of their seats and on their way to succeeding in their business!

“Sue’s speech created an incredible buzz and the members left feeling like they gained valuable tools for their investment of time and money spent in the session. The written feedback was very positive, so much so that we contracted Sue to return 3 more times that year!”
Calgary Real Estate Board

Sue In Action

Take a few minutes and experience what Sue can do for you and your business. She speaks on a wide range of topics from starting your real estate business and growing your team to her personal anecdotes to keep you inspired and moving forward.

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Seven Figure Mindset for Real Estate Agents

What’s the difference between a novice and a professional? Proper swing through! Golfing aside, it’s not enough to just connect with a potential client, you need to circle all the way through the process of buying or selling a home with them.

When You’ve Done Something Stupid

Ever done something stupid and wanted to just crawl into a hole? Sue tells you about one of her own moments. Have a good laugh and maybe even feel better about your “oops”!

Some of Sue’s Topics:

Every event, conference or association meeting is unique so Sue customizes her presentations to fit perfectly with your theme.

• A Seven Figure Mindset & Million Dollar Habits!

Maximized Results for Maximum Producers!

How implementing standards of excellence will bring excellent results. The top actions that the number one agents and teams excel at and the top rookie mistakes that block high-level results!

• Master Your Marketing – for Maximized Results!

If you struggle with knowing what to do when it comes to online marketing, don’t worry, you are not alone! Let’s talk about six tips to online competence and five simple content starters that you can use to expose yourself online ~ appropriately!

• So You’re a Realtor- Now What?!

Everything they didn’t teach you in school about running your own business from the ground up. Setting up systems and processes that are scalable, the best kind of lead generation and client care that will keep referrals coming so that you can build a lasting career!

• Turning Support Staff into Support Stars!

 Three solid keys to hire, train and retain excellent support staff.
Once an Agent hits the 30-40 deal per year mark, they need some help!

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